Paper Airplane dreams meaning

By | October 4, 2019

Paper Airplane dreams meaning

Paper Airplane

To dream of a paper airplane represents feelings about yourself distracting yourself waiting for something more interesting to happen. Purposely wasting time or opportunities because a situation sucks or is really boring. Preoccupation other things being you are thinking that nothing is important or serious at all. Showing others that you are not jealous at all because a situation is just too boring.

Example: Whenever a young man would have to stay home sick from school he would dream of flying a paper airplane and crashing it. In waking life he would always tell himself that he could avoid doing his homework because he was sick, and then always get embarrassed at school that he didn’t do the homework when he returned.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of throwing a paper airplane and then seeing it land in water and get covered with fog. In waking life she lost out on an important opportunity because she wasted time waiting too long and didn’t know what to think about her future prospects.



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  1. Nino

    I wanted to ask about my dream. I was inside my house and I thought I saw something outside when I went outside I saw all these paper airplane on the ground with messages written as I was about to read it more paper has flown over to my side and on the other side were my friends, was not able to read it as i was so happy because I have been shot a while ago in my stomach and I was in hospital. I pick one paper and I wrote something on it tried to send it back to them but before even try to make it fly I was sure that wouldn’t reach to the other side and it didn’t.


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