Raw dreams meaning

Raw To dream of eating something raw represents rushing or haste in wanting to get a situation over with. Not wanting to prepare or wait for something to happen. “Jumping the gun” or hurrying. Alternatively, raw food may reflect doing something with no concern for how good it feels. Negatively, raw food may be a… Read More »

Razor dreams meaning

Razor To dream of a bare razor blade represents conflict in your life that requires you to be absolutely perfect. Feeling that perfect adherence is required. Facing a problem where there is no room for mistakes. To dream of a razor blade with a handle represents your wish to restore a problem to absolute perfection.… Read More »

Reading dreams meaning

Reading To dream of reading a book represents ideas, insights, or answers to problems you are considering. Telling yourself what to do to follow an expert advice. Considering all options. An open-minded attitude to new ideas. Reading may also reflect your own experience that you are falling back on to deal with a new situation… Read More »

Reality TV Show dreams meaning

Reality TV Show To dream of a reality tv show represents selling others on how important or interesting you are. Experiencing ones self keeping others focused on the details or significance of your life. Wanting others to know every little thing that you’re doing. Creating a spectacle of your actions or decisions for other people.… Read More »

Realtor dreams meaning

Realtor To dream of a realtor represents an aspect of your personality that is interesting you in a different perspective or new sense of self. A person or situation that motivates you to change your mind or take on a new belief system. Positively,  may reflect people or situations that encourage positive changes to your… Read More »

Rearview Mirror dreams meaning

Rearview Mirror To dream of rearview mirrors represents your thoughts and feelings about the past as you move forward in life. If a person or car is approaching in your mirror it may symbolize past issues coming back into your waking life.  

Receipt dreams meaning

Receipt To dream getting a receipt represents standing proof of your choices being final. A reminder or evidence of what a choice you made in life cost you. Realization or remembering that your choice was final. Accepting or acknowledging some area of your life. Consider what the receipt is for additional meaning. Alternatively, dreaming of… Read More »

Receiving dreams meaning

Receiving To dream of receiving something represents feelings about accepting something happening, accepting something being done for you on its own, or noticing something happening you were expecting to happen. Feelings of accepting something you deserve. Accepting something happening that you weren’t expecting. Feelings about something arriving in your life. New ideas, power, abilities, or… Read More »

Reception dreams meaning

Reception To dream of approaching a office reception desk represents feelings about having to notice something before doing what you really want. Feelings about being accepted doing something important to you without actually doing it right away. Preparation, acceptance, or respected waiting for something else to happen. Acknowledged as “showed up” on an issue, but… Read More »

Recess dreams meaning

Recess To dream of recess represents a temporary relief or distraction from a issue that worries you, or requires a lot of your attention.  

Recession dreams meaning

Recession To dream of a recession represents feelings about stagnation, slowed progress, hardship, difficulty getting ahead as fast as you would like. Feeling more stubbornness, rejection, or slow behavior than you would like. Feelings about less opportunities than usual. Feeling that people are less helpful in your life. Feeling dragged into a problem that holds… Read More »

Quack Doctor dreams meaning

Quack Doctor To dream of a quack doctor represents irresponsible advice or unverified claims. Feelings about having gotten stupid advice or that someone else’s suggestions to your problems are dangerously naive. Feeling that you are taking dangerous risks if you listen to someone’s advice. Unconventional advice that scares you. Alternatively, a quack doctor may reflect… Read More »