Recession dreams meaning

Recession To dream of a recession represents feelings about stagnation, slowed progress, hardship, difficulty getting ahead as fast as you would like. Feeling more stubbornness, rejection, or slow behavior than you would like. Feelings about less opportunities than usual. Feeling that people are less helpful in your life. Feeling dragged into a problem that holds… Read More »

Quack Doctor dreams meaning

Quack Doctor To dream of a quack doctor represents irresponsible advice or unverified claims. Feelings about having gotten stupid advice or that someone else’s suggestions to your problems are dangerously naive. Feeling that you are taking dangerous risks if you listen to someone’s advice. Unconventional advice that scares you. Alternatively, a quack doctor may reflect… Read More »

Quack Medicine dreams meaning

Quack Medicine To dream of quack medicine represents feelings about proposed solutions to problems being ridiculous, dangerously naive, or certain to not work. “Crazy” or dangerously stupid solutions. A willingness to try anything. Negatively, quack medicine in a dream may reflect your desperation for a solution. Willingness to try anything even if it’s perceived to… Read More »

Quadruplets dreams meaning

Quadruplets To dream having quadruplets represents new situations in your life that are bringing balance, stability, or causing a sacrifice of negativity. Negatively, quadruplets may reflect stabilization that worries or stresses you all the time. Alternatively, a quadruplets may reflect a situation or problem with 4 aspects. A 4 sided problem or conflict.  

Quail dreams meaning

Quail To dream of a quail represents a heightened sense of caution. Worrying a lot. Positively, it may reflect you or someone else that is being extra careful. Negatively, it may symbolize you or someone else that is being too cautious or senses danger in everything. To dream of eating quail represents letting go of… Read More »

Quarterback dreams meaning

Quarterback To dream of a quarterback represents an aspect of yourself that is responsible for orchestrating an attempt to get more leverage in a conflict. Controlling or assisting a situation to get back control or power by whatever means necessary. Leading a difficult struggle to achieve progress of any kind. Positively, a quarterback may reflect… Read More »

Quarters dreams meaning

Quarters To dream of quarters symbolizes activation or the start of something. Certain beliefs or life situations are beginning, or being put into motion. You may also be listening to new ideas, or experimenting with something new. Feeling just enough value in something to keep believing it matters. Simply wanting something to work. To find… Read More »

Queen dreams meaning

Queen To dream of a Queen represents an aspect of your personality that assumes power or respect without having to earn it. It may also reflect a part of you that doesn’t have to sacrifice anything to get its way. Positively, the Queen symbolizes accomplishment or well deserved authority. Being respected, praised, or acknowledged without… Read More »

Queen Of England dreams meaning

Queen Of England To dream of the Queen of England represents feelings about total authority that is passively certain about it’s standing. Passive authority to control others because you act your age more than others. Negatively, the  represents unquestioned certain passive power that never has to acknowledge you if it doesn’t want to. Example: A… Read More »

Questions dreams meaning

Questions To dream of being asked a question may represent a situation that is giving you self-doubt. Perhaps, you are questioning or reconsidering the importance of an area of your life. Wondering if you are on the right track with your decisions or lifestyle. Being asked a question may also reflect a situation that challenges… Read More »

Queue dreams meaning

Queue To dream that something is in queue represents an area of your life that isn’t a priority. It may also reflect your growing impatience with something you’ve been expecting. You may be waiting for something. A queue may be a sign that you need to be more patient or need to rearrange your priorities.… Read More »

Quicksand dreams meaning

Quicksand To dream of quicksand represents situations were you feel you can’t do anything except make it worse. Screwing yourself over if you do anything at all. You may feel trapped in a situation that you can’t do anything about. may be a sign that you need to speak up or that it may be… Read More »