Asthma dreams meaning

To dream of asthma represents anxiety under uncomfortable circumstances. Feeling intense fear or worry while also feeling unable to discuss it. You may be feeling a lot of pressure to do things all by yourself or to never bother others. Asthma may be a sign that you need to confront your fear of discussing you… Read More »

Astrology dreams meaning

  To dream of astrology represents an interest or concern for the future. You or someone you know may hopeful about the future. Astrology may also reflect a need for reassurance. Read more: Axe dream-interpretation and meaning Ayahuasca dream-interpretation and meaning Awards dreams meaning Awakening dreams meaning Awaken dreams meaning Avoid dreams meaning Avocados dreams… Read More »

Astronaut dreams meaning

To dream of an astronaut represents an aspect of yourself that is exploring the unknown or uncharted territory. You or someone else that is experiencing things never experienced before. You may be dealing with a situation where there are no certain answers. A time where there are surprises around every corner or it’s impossible to… Read More »

Astronomer dreams meaning

To dream of an astronomer represents speculation about the future or for the potential that lies ahead. It may also reflect careful planning or consideration of a number of outcomes. Weighing all the possibilities. You may be confronting a situation where there are no guarantees or absolute answers. You may also be daydreaming about “all… Read More »

Asylum dreams meaning

To dream of being in an asylum represents feelings of being incompetent or unimportant. You may feel ostracized, embarrassed, or like people have lost all respect for you. You may have made a big mistake that others disapprove of. You may also feel left out, excluded, and ignored. To dream of being treated by a… Read More »

Emails dreams meaning

Emails To dream about email represents a delayed realization or “figuring it out on your own.” Figuring something out or “getting the point” after it’d already happened. It reflects a lack of understanding about a current situation where you will “get the message”, gain insight, or develop a better understanding later on. Surprise that something… Read More »

Facebook dreams meaning

Facebook To dream of represents an experience in life where you are becoming more aware of yourself. The reason for this is because Facebook is used to build connections to everybody you’ve ever known, and in dreams people are aspects of your own personality. Negativity, Facebook may represent an experience in life you are… Read More »

Gorillas dreams meaning

Gorillas To dream of a gorilla represents an aspect of your personality that is outrageously big or “over the top.” Very powerful irrational thoughts or ideas that are well beyond anyone’s ability to believe them logically. A sign that you need to be a lot more objective or realistic. Aggressively demanding that people take you… Read More »

helpless dreams meaning

Helpless To dream of being helpless represents feelings about yourself or others having no chance to succeed on their own. Feelings about yourself being desperate. Not believing in yourself enough. Giving up too easily. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling sorry for yourself and giving up. Thinking of yourself as a… Read More »

Jumping dreams meaning

Jumping To dream of jumping over something represents overcoming obstacles or not allowing something to get in your way. Decisiveness. You may be feeling pressure or feel forced to make quick decisions. Seizing an opportunity or taking a risk. Hastiness. To dream of jumping to reach something represents ingenuity, wishing, trying new ideas, or desire… Read More »

Lipstick dreams meaning

Lipstick To dream of lipstick represents an aspect of your personality that feels superior or more deserving than others. Wanting to outdo or outperform others you feel are less important. Being “positiver” than someone else. It may be a sign that you or someone believes that they are smarter, stronger, richer, or better than someone… Read More »

Milk dreams meaning

Milk To dream of milk represents choices that you know are good for you and make you stronger. Choosing to self-improve or do the right thing in order to fix a problem. Feeling good experiencing improvement occurring. The choice to fix a problem that has been presented to you in waking life. Balancing or purification… Read More »