Pirate Hat dreams meaning

Pirate Hat To dream of a pirate hat represents you or someone else that is in the mood to take advantage of others. If you are wearing the hat it may reflect your interest in exploiting others weaknesses. If someone else is wearing the hat it may symbolizes your feelings about a someone that is… Read More »

Pit dreams meaning

Pit To dream of  represents feelings about a situation or relationship being pointless or useless. Feeling a sense of hopelessness about a situation you are experiencing. It may also reflect the feeling about being stuck experiencing the worst possible outcome in a situation. A problem that feels permanent or without an end in sit. Alternatively,… Read More »

Pitbulls dreams meaning

Pitbulls To dream of a pitbull represents emotional protection that is projecting a sense of danger for any misgivings. A strong show of assertiveness to keep others in line. Making boundaries and the consequences of violating those boundaries very clear. A constant sense that “if you f*ck with me I will kick your ass.” Making… Read More »

Pitcher dreams meaning

Pitcher To dream of a drink pitcher represents feelings taking your time doing something easily if you want to. Readiness about convienienty serving replenishment or something easy. Feels good that it’s listening that your life or situation doesn’t need to do anything difficult. Feelings about easy opportunities that are ready to given to you. Readiness… Read More »

Pitchfork dreams meaning

Pitchfork To dream of a farmer’s pitchfork represents self-sufficiency or doing things for yourself. Feeling that a problem isn’t going to go away on it’s own. Negatively, a pitchfork may reflect anger directed towards you for interfering in someone else’s life. It may also reflect unpleasant feelings about having to do too much work. A… Read More »

Pixelation dreams meaning

Pixelation To dream of pixelation represents your awareness of a waking life situation not doing what you want. Something is not working the way you expect it to. Feeling that something is wrong or that something you are experiencing is not normal at all. Pixelation may be a sign that you don’t like caring about… Read More »

Pizza dreams meaning

Pizza To see or eat pizza in a dream represents situations that feel good turning out the way you wanted. Positive feelings about an end result. If you crave pizza in a dream it represents your desire to decide how something will turn out. Yearning to win or have your way. If you dream of… Read More »

Places dreams meaning

Places To dream of a specific place in a dream represents your mindset. If you know the location consider your personal memories or feelings about that location. If you have never been in a place before consider the feel, the appearance, color, or culture of the place. Refer to the countries themes section for a… Read More »

Plague dreams meaning

Plague To dream of  represents broad issues that negatively effect a lot of people around you. A decision or situation has had large-scale negative consequences. Shared suffering or a problem that nobody you know ever seems to find a solution for. A sense of hopelessness that nothing can be done about a problem. Alternatively,  may… Read More »

Plaid Clothing dreams meaning

Plaid Clothing To dream of plaid represents the personality being focused on working hard or feeling that it’s important to be noticed working hard. Feeling good working hard. Alternatively, plaid clothing may reflect the personality wanting to look good being noticed as a consistent person. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her daughter wearing a… Read More »

Plane Hanger dreams meaning

Plane Hanger To dream of a plane hanger represents plans or projects that are either on hold or temporarily waiting to be initiated. Waiting for something to happen before you get started with something bigger.  

Planets dreams meaning

Planets To dream of a planet represents an issue that you feel your entire life revolves around. To dream of leaving a planet may reflect a dramatic change in in how you are living your life. Beginning a strange situation or highly unusual circumstances. Leaving “life as you know it” behind. Alternatively, it may reflect… Read More »