Mourning dreams meaning

Mourning To dream of mourning represents regret, disappointment, or sadness about a change that has occurred. Disbelief that something in your life has changed for good. Mourning may also reflect your feelings of regret due to a bad decision. Alternatively, mourning may reflect your difficulty letting go or adjusting  

Mouse dreams meaning

Mouse To dream of a mouse represents a problem or annoyance. A situation that irritates you that it won’t go away. Something you don’t like having to notice. To dream of catching a mouse represents a solution to a problem. You don’t have to notice something you don’t like anymore. To dream of a white… Read More »

Mouse Running Wheel dreams meaning

Mouse Running Wheel To dream of a mouse running wheel represents feelings about having to intentionally keep yourself busy or waste time. Alternatively, it could also reflect feelings about someone keeping you busy without end so that you never make progress. Feeling laughed at that you can’t make progress. Wasting your time or energy. Example:… Read More »

Mouse Trap dreams meaning

Mouse Trap To dream of a mouse trap represents your decision to do something about a problem. Looking for better way to do something. Feeling that taking action or finding a solution is important. Ingenuity, insight, and creativity. A proactive attitude.  

Mouth dreams meaning

Mouth To dream of a mouth represents expression of ideas or beliefs. To see an open mouth represents receptivity or openness to new ideas. To see a closed mouth represents being unreceptive. It may also represent being uninterested in expressing an idea or belief. To dream of a mouth that is muzzled or sewn shut… Read More »

Movie dreams meaning

Movie To dream that you are watching a movie represents an experience you are having in life. The movie or tv show itself a symbol for what you are experiencing. Consider what the movie makes you feel or think and how it parallels situations in your waking life. Think about what the characters or storylines… Read More »

Movie Projector dreams meaning

Movie Projector To dream of a movie projector represents an attempt to show someone what you mean by experiencing something for themselves. Dramatically explaining yourself. Example: A woman dreamed of watching a movie projector with college kids. In waking life she was trying to prove to other people how dramatic and terrible her breakup with… Read More »

Movie Theatre dreams meaning

Movie Theatre To dream that you are in a movie theater represents an experience in life that is so interesting or important to you that you go out of your way to have it. A significant event or a situation that you may invest a lot of time or money in. You are making an… Read More »

Moving dreams meaning

Moving To dream of always keeping yourself moving around (not stopping or standing still) represents indecisiveness. It may also reflect discomfort settling on a choice. Negatively, it may reflect erratic behavior. Positively, always moving around may reflect progress or momentum. To dream of moving homes represents a process of change you are experiencing. One life… Read More »

Mucus dreams meaning

Mucus To dream of mucus represents unpleasant feelings about requiring something to survive. Feeling disgusted by something that helps you. Feeling repelled by behavior that surprises you that it’s required to survive. Protecting yourself with dishonesty when you don’t like it. To dream of coughing up mucus may reflect feelings about being forced to changed… Read More »

Mud dreams meaning

Mud To dream of mud represents difficulties, disturbances, burdens, or messy situations. A “messy sticky” situation. To dream of walking in mud represents a situation, problem, or relationship that is weighing you down or complicating your life. Noticing how negative or complicated a situation is all the time. A very difficult spiritual test. Enduring a… Read More »

Muffins dreams meaning

Muffins To dream of a muffin represents a situation in waking life that feels beneficial for you. An event or change that is in your best interest. A situation that makes you feel like you aren’t doing anything wrong. Example: A man dreamed of eating a muffin. In waking life the man has had bad… Read More »