Pot Of Gold dreams meaning

Pot Of Gold To dream of a pot of gold represents feelings about something valuable that sits around doing nothing. A lot of opportunity, freedom, luck, and power that isn’t be used at all. Negatively, it may reflect your intentions to steal something valuable because someone else isn’t doing anything with it. Feeling that valuable… Read More »

Potato Chips dreams meaning

Potato Chips To dream of  represents a overindulgent behavior or a lack of willpower. You may be having a problem stopping something once you’ve started it. Doing something once isn’t enough. You may need to exercise more self control. Negatively,  may reflect a lack of respect for a repeating or recurring indulgence. Example: A man… Read More »

Potatoe Wedges dreams meaning

Potatoe Wedges To dream potatoe wedges represents feelings of deserving to not care about problems. Believing you deserve to be where you are and not worrying at all.  

Potatoes dreams meaning

Potatoes To dream of potatoes represents complications or hurdles. Something in your life that requires work or brings difficulties.  

Potluck dreams meaning

  Potluck To dream of a potluck dinner represents a situation in your life where everyone has to do their part. People or situations that require everyone’s co-operation to achieve a goal. Possibly a reflection of family or community goals. A potluck dinner may also represent your projection of the people around you all contributing… Read More »

Potions dreams meaning

  Potions To dream of a magic potion represents a special way to alter or change a situation instantly. A method or “ingredients” to speed ahead. Not having to practice to achieve your goal or earn something slowly. Negatively, a potion may reflect risky shortcuts or dirty tricks to get desired results faster. It may… Read More »

Pots dreams meaning

  Pots To dream of a cooking pot represents goals or objectives you are working towards that take time. Time is the only obstacle to reaching your goals. Everything you need in in place for a special future moment.  

Pottery dreams meaning

Pottery To dream of pottery represents sensitive feelings about maintaining a pleasant situation. Not wanting to be careless with others feelings after making up. Not wanting to embarrass or anger someone because it makes life a lot easier for you. A careful attitude about relationships or social interaction with others. Example: A man dreamed of… Read More »

Power Drill dreams meaning

Power Drill To dream of a power drill represents an ability or resource that allows you to achieve goals with little effort. Something that makes solving a problem easier or gives you a lot of control over a difficult situation. To dream of power drill bits represents a variety options that you can use to… Read More »

Power Lines dreams meaning

Power Lines To dream about power lines represents feelings of stable empowerment. How securely empowered you feel or how securely empowered you perceive someone else to be. A situation in your life that gives you access to a constant feeling of power. Feeling perfectly connected to a source of power at all times. Feeling that… Read More »

Power Plant dream meaning

Power Plant To dream of a power plant represents an area of your life that all else depends on. An enabler of status, leverage, or success that you embarrasses you if it’s removed from your life. Good times or happiness that can’t continue if something important is lost. Example: A woman dreamed of a power… Read More »

Prairies dreams meaning

Prairies To dream of a prairie represents feeling good thinking that there is “no end in sight” to good relationships or family life. Feeling that “family is forever.” Enjoying feelings about situations never ever changing at all. Negatively, prairies may reflect heightened sensitivity about death or losing a loved one. Example: An elderly woman dreamed… Read More »