Ranch dreams meaning

Ranch To dream of a ranch represents a mindset that is feeling good safe while working all the time. Working hard and never caring about anyone else’s problems. A mindset that s always safe and never lazy. Accepting yourself never minding working hard. A situation in life that is accepted as simple, but requiring hard… Read More »

Ransom dreams meaning

Ransom To dream of having to pay a ransom represents feelings of being forced to met an ultimatum to restore a situation to normal. Feelings about some area of your life being held from you or “kidnapped” unfairly. Criminal, arrogant, or untrustworthy negotiation type tactics. Feelings about demands being made of you to get something… Read More »

Rap Music dreams meaning

Rap Music To dream of rap music represents feeling good showing off, being arrogant, or embarrassing others that you are better than they are. Feeling good bragging or displaying your superiority for all to see. Feeling feeling that you “have to be” too big. Negatively, rap music may reflect you or someone else that is… Read More »

Rape dreams meaning

Rape To dream of rape represents negative life experiences that you are powerless to stop or control. Someone or something is effecting your self-esteem, well-being, or ability to do as you please. Feelings of victimization. Sex in a dream represents the merging of different aspects of yourself to create life experiences. Rape is then a… Read More »

Rapids dreams meaning

Rapids To dream of rapids represent intense emotions or fast paced uncertainty in your life.  

Rapper dreams meaning

Rapper To dream of a rapper or rap musician represents an aspect of yourself that likes to feel good arrogantly showing off. You or someone else that likes to brag or show off to others about what you have or how much more important you are. It may also reflect a person in your life… Read More »

Rapture dreams meaning

Rapture To dream of the rapture may represents a waking life situation that determines whether or not you deserve to feel good or like yourself. An outcome to a situation that indicates whether or not you were too selfish. A coming  may represent pressure you feel to be extra generous or decent. A one time… Read More »

Rashes dreams meaning

Rashes To dream of a skin rash represents frustration about noticing something being wrong when it shouldn’t be. Something is not normal and you don’t like it. It may also reflect annoyances that you feel stuck with that you don’t have the experience or knowledge to deal with on your own. A rash in a… Read More »

Raspberries dreams meaning

Raspberries To dream of raspberries represents thoughts or feelings you are having about something that is very delicate, precious, or easily ruined. A relationship or situation that you have to be very careful about respecting in your waking life.   1

Rattlesnake dreams meaning

Rattlesnake To dream of a rattlesnake represents people or situations that warn you about unpleasant consequences if you don’t co-operate. Obvious warning signs or open hostility. Feelings about there being potential for a serious problem in your waking life. Alternatively, a rattlesnake could also represent your attempt to threaten someone else with an undesirable course… Read More »

Ravens dreams meaning

Ravens To dream of a raven represents a bad omen or a situation that signals trouble ahead. It could also reflect a sense of intuition that feels that something is wrong or dangerous. A raven may reflect expected misfortune or unpleasant changes. It may also be a signal that a phase is coming to an… Read More »

Ravine dreams meaning

Ravine To dream of a ravine represents a negative situation or uncertain moment that requires work, but doesn’t scare you. Feeling that a problem will be annoying or awkward, but having the confidence to know you will overcome it easily. Alternatively, a ravine may reflect anxiety or fear about having to do something all by… Read More »