Overdraft dreams meaning

By | March 27, 2019

Overdraft dreams meaning


To dream of a bank overdraft may reflect awareness about having gone overboard with your decisions. Having gone overboard with neglecting people’s feelings. Selfishly exceeding the limitations of a relationship. Personal resources that you abused or exceeded limits with. Emotionally or physically exhausting yourself in some manner. Feelings about having the freedom to exceed limits of power usage. Awareness of yourself having to make reparations for excessive behavior. Exceeding your limits during a difficult time that you know may have personal costs. Gestures made to get forgiven for your abuses of power or excessive freedom.

Negatively, a bank overdraft may reflect an excessive use of power or an abuse of power with no apologies. Pushing someone else’s patience to an excessive level with no reparations. Expectations of reparations for pushing the limits of a situation. Awareness of yourself enjoying power that goes beyond what you deserve to use. Feelings about an abuse of power that requires an apology. Feelings about needing to restore a relationship you ruined with selfishness or pushing someone’s patience.

Alternatively, dreaming about a bank overdraft may mirror waking life concerns about having spent or borrowed too much money. Feelings about having used loved to get through a difficult situation.

To dream of an overdraft fee may reflect feelings about a personal cost for exceeding your limits of power. Feelings about what you owe someone else for negatively exceeding their expectations of you. Feeling that you were excessive towards someone and now you need to repay them for your abuse.

Example: A woman dreamed of receiving an overdraft notice in the mail. In waking life she feared losing her job because all her family hated her. She felt if she lost her job nobody would want to help her by allowing her to live with them. The overdraft notice in this case may have reflected her feelings about her financial situation driving her to believe that making kind gestures towards her family may be necessary to make them forgive her.



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