Ouija Boards dreams meaning

By | March 27, 2019

Ouija Boards dreams meaning

Ouija Boards

To dream of a Ouija board represents feelings about dangerous attempts to gain information through a third party. Feeling that you are taking a dangerous risk trying to find out difficult or impossible information from someone. Feeling that you are risking permanent embarrassment trying to find out information from someone you can’t be certain can be trusted. Letting someone that you don’t know do something dangerous for you.

Alternatively, ouija boards in dreams can reflect your fear of using them and being permanently harmed spiritually.

Example: A young girl dreamed of playing with a ouija board with another girl. In waking life she was a lesbian and had a crush on the girl in her dream. She was considering trying to use a third person to tell the other girl about her true feelings. The ouija board may have reflected her feelings of emotional danger for the rest of her life by risking using a third person to find out very dangerous information about the other girl’s sexual preferences.



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