Orphans dreams meaning

By | March 27, 2019

Orphans dreams meaning


To dream of an orphan represents feelings about yourself or someone else being responsibly cared about because nobody else wants to. Feeling obligated to care about someone because they might hurt themselves if nobody watches over them. Feeling that nobody likes choosing to take care of you. Feeling that your safety is all people really care about for purposes of being responsible with no love or enjoyment of it. Feeling a lack of sympathy, love, or true connection with others.

Feeling that people have “left you for dead” for more important things.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing orphans that need to be transferred to a different orphanage. In waking life he was very ill and his father whom he felt didn’t love him was taking care of him. He soon realized he may need to go to the hospital. The orphans in the dream may have reflected his feelings about himself being ill with neither his father nor the hospital feeling like they were concerned with liking to take care of him. Feelings about himself being a loser who people were were obligated to take care of.



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