Orangutans dreams meaning

By | March 27, 2019

Orangutans dreams meaning


To dream of an orangutan represents feelings about someone else looking stupid acting like an adult when they aren’t. Being unable to stop making a fool out of one’s self by acting responsible to cover up foolishness. Feelings about older or more experienced people in your life making a fool of themselves. Unintelligent people in your life that embarrass themselves pretending they are professionals. An idiot that thinks it’s more mature than you. Ignorant people who don’t understand how obvious their attempts to fake being an adult are. Making a fool of yourself acting serious. Idiots in your life that refuse to acknowledge their stupidity while talking like adults. Feelings about yourself or others looking stupid being too involved with family life (living at home with parents, getting pregnant, etc.) as a means to escape confronting impotence.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an orangutan. In waking life he was observing a young woman on Facebook get pregnant as a means to avoid getting a job. He thought this woman was extremely stupid and vain and watched her enjoy showing off with her new family on Facebook and then breaking up with her fiancee because he dared to tell her to get a job. He felt the girl was so childish, vain, and afraid of growing up that she would become an expert at pretending she was an adult, even speaking down to her fiance for childishness as a way to avoid having to get a real job. He thought that the girl wanted to be stay-at-home mother because it was the easiest way to hide her childish stupidity that refused to finish high-school.



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