Optometrist dreams meaning

By | March 27, 2019

Optometrist dreams meaning


To dream of an optometrist represents a person or situation in your life that fixes or improves your poor ability to understand people or events around you. A situation that provides surprising insight into the truth of people’s intentions or honest beliefs. Feeling that you have learned something new or shocking that you will never forget. An improved understanding that makes you feel stupid that you didn’t realize it before.

Alternatively, an optometrist in a dream may reflect a long dragged out situation that causes you to learn about every single little thing wrong with other people that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Negatively, dream about an optometrist represents shock or fear that you didn’t understand a person situation for what they really are sooner. Being subjected to new ideas, facts, or realizations that you weren’t aware of before. Feeling forced or embarrassed into a better understanding of a situation. A setback, coincidence, or moment of strange luck that completely changes your poor understanding of people or events.

Example: A man dreamed of leaving the optometrist. In waking life his entire family was fighting for years over an inheritance he was getting the biggest portion of. He felt it was unbearable to wait for his inheritance while also being surprised to keep learning about selfish, stupid, or arrogant each and ever member of his family members really were. While eager to get his money, he was somewhat relieved to understand his family member’s true feelings about him.



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