Oil dreams meaning

By | March 28, 2019

Oil dreams meaning


To dream of oil represents your wish to make a situation in your life run more smoothly.  may be a sign that you need to put a effort or compassion into something to get things moving. Alternatively,  may reflect the manner in which you reaffirm your relationship with love, trust, or compassion.

To dream of crude  represents tappable resources. Something you have that is always in big demand. Negatively, crude  reflects abuse of resources or feeling that someone is unstoppable.

To dream of barrels of  reflects resources you have that are always in demand. Someone always wants what you have.



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  1. blank

    I wanted to ask about the meaning of this. last time I dreamed about an oil in an Oil factory and it was leaking then later (almost a week passed) I dreamed that the factory I dreamed before caugth on fire.
    we don’t own a factory
    and i’m not a factory worker.


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