Oil Platform dreams meaning

By | March 28, 2019

Oil Platform dreams meaning

Oil Platform

To dream of an offshore oil rig platform represents a mindset that knows exactly what to do in an emotionally uncertain situation to extract valuable resources. A fearless mindset about getting something important done when nobody else wants to. A professional, fearless, or emotionally immune mindset about getting something valuable during uncertain or negative emotional situations. Behavior that notices it’s not better than other people, but has to do something that annoys you because it’s important. Fearlessly living with uncertainty with a serious attitude about getting something valuable or important from the situation. No concern for appearances to make things easier for other people.

Feeling that a situation is dangerous, questionable, or uncertain, but that you need to do what you are doing anyway. No concern for appearances of questionable behavior because the situation is serious. No concerns for exploiting a situation because it’s stupid not to. Annoyance that someone else needs to think of exploiting a situation for resources or money than on happiness the way things are. Using someone or something if you can for as long as you can. Unattractive necessary behavior that is exploiting an opportunity with an attitude that it’s not forever, but needs to be exploited as much as possible to make other things easier later.



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