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The letter O in a dream represents an endless situation. Something in your life that keeps repeating itself.

O is the 15th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 15 represents confrontation with change. The unwanted or unexpected in our lives.

Office Chairs dreams meaning

  Office Chairs To dream of an office chair represents feelings about “staying put” with a serious or important issue. Awareness of yourself being very focused on working hard without interruption. To dream of office chair wheels represents the ease with which you can go about doing something serious or professionally. How easy or convenient… Read More »

Office Pins dreams meaning

Office Pins To dream of office pins or push pins represents a wish to make an issue or idea noticed all the time. Wanting some area of your life getting attention until it’s totally dealt with. Dreaming of  may also reflect issues that you feel are a priority to think about or confront. Negatively,  may… Read More »

Oil Platform dreams meaning

Oil Platform To dream of an offshore oil rig platform represents a mindset that knows exactly what to do in an emotionally uncertain situation to extract valuable resources. A fearless mindset about getting something important done when nobody else wants to. A professional, fearless, or emotionally immune mindset about getting something valuable during uncertain or… Read More »

Oklahoma dreams meaning

Oklahoma To dream of being in the US State of Oklahoma represents a mindset that likes being noticed working hard. It may also reflect enjoyment of seeing yourself or others trying their hardest. Liking earn everything yourself. You may feel that nobody around you wants to grow lazy, spoiled or have it easy. Doing things… Read More »

Old dreams meaning

Old To dream of something old represents outdated beliefs, opinions, feelings, values, or situations. Positively, it may reflect your wish to never lose your integrity or something that is “classic.” Negatively, it may reflect boring choices or ideas. To dream of an  car represents outdated ways of making decisions. Positively, it may reflect old-fashioned values.… Read More »

Old Fashioned Cars dreams meaning

Old Fashioned Cars To dream of antique or old fashioned car represents your decision making ability being influenced by the past or nostalgia. If an old fashioned car is black or red this symbolizes your thoughts and decisions being too influenced by the past. You need to focus more on what’s happening now and to… Read More »

Olympics dreams meaning

Olympics To dream of the Olympics represents feelings about competing to be the best as though nothing else matters. A competitive wish to inspire others with your competitive excellence. A wish to successfully compete for a goal that inspires others. Feelings about needing to the “best in the world.” Competing to be the most original,… Read More »