Nuts dreams meaning

By | March 28, 2019

Nuts dreams meaning


To dream of eating  represents feelings about goals or a type of experience being noticeably easy to have. A convenient beneficial choice or option. Feeling good noticing that something is easy and  healthy for you. Enjoying something “cool” and spontaneous. Enjoying feeling that you don’t need any practice in some area of your life. Feelings about never having to ask for something.

Negatively,   a dream may be a sign that you too comfortable with easy options or choices. Jealousy of having to do anything difficult. It may also reflect abuse or exploitation of something because it’s easier than anything else. Going overboard with an easy experience to the point that it’s getting out of hand. Fearing having to do something difficult or that requires practice.

Consider the type of  and how it may feel trying to eat it for additional meaning.



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