Nursing Home dreams meaning

By | March 28, 2019

Nursing Home dreams meaning

Nursing Home

To dream of an old age nursing home represents feelings about a situation almost being over. Sensitivity about about losing time, having to settle down, or having to get realistic about getting older. Feeling that an eventual ending is inevitable, but that there is still lots of time.

Negatively, a nursing home may reflect feelings of being too old to do something anymore. Stress or frustration with having to care about someone who is too old or impotent to care for themselves anymore. Feelings about death or failure being inevitable while you try to be enjoy anything else at all.

Nursing homes in dreams are common to people who have elderly parents that they don’t expect to live for much longer.

Example: A woman dreamed of trees being cut down in front of a nursing home. In waking life her father died and she felt bad about having lost the remaining time she felt she had left with his father.



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  1. Vicky

    I’ve recently joined a new course in college and that was shown in my dream. But every college night I had to spend in a care home for kids.. there was only one person that I could recognise which was my older cousin but we didn’t know each other in the dream.. and on the very first night me and the rest of the girls there snook our to go to the shop and get food.. I can’t exactly remember what was brought by myself but I remember paying but cash and winnings from a scratch card.. I also remember the woman who was serving me was asking if I go to the local food bank.. and then I was running out of the shop down a hill and I was being chased by that woman and then I woke up… do you have any ideas what this dream meant? Please let me know:)


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