Nuns dreams meaning

By | March 28, 2019



To dream of a nun represents an aspect of your personality that’s giving up something they desire. Either materialistic wishes, goals, or sexual interests. A nun symbolizes letting go of something you want, or getting over someone you have romantic interests in. Making difficult long term sacrifices of pleasure for your family or the greater good.

A nun may also symbolize a person or situation that makes you consider having to give something pleasurable up.

A nun may be a sign that you need to give up your personal enjoyment or materialistic goals for a higher purpose. A nun could also reflect feelings about sacrifices of pleasurable things being unbearable to withstand for the long term.

To dream of being a nun represents your own feelings about having to give up your desires, wishes, or goals. Whether it’s willingly or not, you are unable to pursue wishes, goals, or romantic interests.

To dream of running away from a nun may reflect your wish to avoid making long term sacrifices in your life of something pleasurable. Desperation to avoid being forced to stop something you enjoy a lot.

To dream of a nun with a knife may represent feelings about being forced to coerced into making a long term sacrifice of something pleasurable. It may also reflect feelings about wives or girlfriends who want you to join them in healthy long term habit you don’t want to take part in because you think it would be unbearable to put up with.



2 thoughts on “Nuns dreams meaning

  1. Jeannie

    I had a Dream where I was running around a corner and infront of me is a nun in a wierd Blaked red
    Clearly Demonic or Bad
    I scream and the nun grabs me by the trought and picks me up choking me as I feel the life Drianing from myself as I look into her soulless eyes
    Idk what that means but I really want to if someone knows please tell me

    1. Anonymous

      Me too i had also a dream were my mother is laying in bed beside window and a nun beside my mother that is creepy and evil that awaken me up and go to my mother and i cried a lot


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