Nuclear War dreams meaning

By | March 29, 2019

Nuclear War dreams meaning

Nuclear War

To dream of a nuclear war represents feelings about conflict that risks total devastation of relationships, status, or financial resources. Conflict where both sides mat risk totally wiping each other out completely. Feeling that you are fighting against a problem that risks all that you care about. Risking everything you have to keep everything you have.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling that  was imminent. In waking life he was totally distraught after finding out his father was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. The nuclear war may have reflected his feelings about imminent financial losses with legal problems and family lawsuits as soon as his father died.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of experiencing  breaking out. In waking life he was fearing an friend finding out that he was now dating his girlfriend and trying to break them up or embarrass him by revealing other person secrets.



4 thoughts on “Nuclear War dreams meaning

  1. Lizzy ELISE Elise

    You Rulers AND AUTHORITIES ALL WANT FULL ON WAR SOON??? BRING IT ON HOT SHOTS!!! from: Elise Renee Gingerich In Texas/TX. war War war WAR!! bring it on Bring It On bring it on BRING IT ON!! fight Fight fight FIGHT!! war War war WAR!!!!

  2. Congestive vp

    I just had a dream, a very, very serious one…
    So basically me and one of my Co workers were sitting around waiting for payslips, we compared them, it was very accurate looking down to the last number, that convinced me that the dream wasn’t dream. Some other not important things happened and then we sat in silence, it was raining just a little bit as we were standing under the entrance in soviet like 9 story building, suddenly we heard the nuclear siren and it began pouring down even harder, the announcement had a voice over which said : “president Vladimir Putin has commited suicide and has launched an nuclear attack, seek shelter immediately” and as I was running with my Co worker by my hand I looked back and seen the nukes coming our way. Craziest thing is that these dreams of mine are constant, they take place in same city which doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before, has happened that many times that I already know how to find my way around it, this is my 10th apocalyptic dream already and it keeps getting worse and worse. Worth noting most of my random dreams that felt real and I can remember came true, hence why I’m scared about these new ones that started happening three weeks ago.

    1. Gab

      I’ve been having similar dreams and my dreams usually come true as well. I’ve predicted things like family members deaths and accidents happening etc. all of the nuclear war dreams feel real as well. And they keep happening over and over. Every time I mention it to someone they look at me like I’m insane. But just know I know exactly how you feel and can feel the same terror. Hopefully it’s just our brains playing tricks on us.

  3. J Nr

    Hi everyone here! You know why I’m also here. I had a dream last night about nuclear war and purge people are just going crazy… This is one of my realistic dream ever.
    It is so scary It felt so real the scene is very apocalyptic the Sky looks like grey orange the the ambience is like 4:30pm but cloudy and a bit dark sad and gloomy. It really felt weird.. I asked my self on that dream If it’s a dream but my dreaming consciousness keep saying it’s real. I don’t have problem that night when I sleep so I’m wondering why I dreamed like that on that day..


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