Nuclear Bomb dreams meaning

By | March 29, 2019

Nuclear Bomb dreams meaning

Nuclear Bomb

To dream of a nuclear bomb represents a event or life situation that devastates you or sacrifices everything you thought or believed in. Usually to negative thoughts or emotions.

A nuclear bomb suggests a dramatic change of events, views, or feelings. Often bringing feelings of a helplessness and loss of control over a situation. Something you thought was important may have ended.

To dream of a nuclear bomb that hasn’t gone off symbolizes the potential, or expectation for dramatic change, or an emotionally devastating situation.

Examples could be a death of a family member, being fired from a job, a huge embarrassment, breaking up with someone, or big disappointment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing  go off. In waking life he was deeply in love with a woman and then found out she had a boyfriend whom she had been with for years. He was emotionally devastated at the discovery that he may never get to marry the woman.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a seeing  go off. In waking life she experienced the an event by surprise which led to the end of her marriage.



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