Neurosurgeon dreams meaning

By | March 30, 2019

Neurosurgeon dreams meaning


To dream of a neurosurgeon represents feelings about serious changes being made that will change how you or someone else thinks for the rest of their life. Feeling that proposed changes you are working on are extremely important for other people to have. Feeling that a project you are working on will be influential in a serious way and requires your serious attention to be perfect. Feeling that it’s your serious responsibility to perfect something so others will appear more intelligent because of it.

Negatively, a neurosurgeon may reflect a naive or arrogant belief that your serious efforts to help improve something is important at all. Feeling that if you make one mistake on something that other people will become complete failures or live in mediocrity. Naively or arrogantly believing that your expertise is required to change how people think. Anxiety about making a single mistake causing serious long-term problems. Thinking you are smarter than other people and that it’s important to prove it. An arrogant belief that you are a genius.

Example: A 15 year-old boy dreamed of being a neurosurgeon that was being paid $800,000. In waking life he naively believed that a video-game company needed his help to make their videogame perfect with a change he was working very hard on to submit to them. He was spending a lot of time on an idea that was most likely going to be ignored because he was so young.



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