Net dreams meaning

By | March 30, 2019

Net dreams meaning


To dream of a net used to catch things represents feelings about needing to temporarily isolate or stop something. Methods used to prevent a person or opportunity from escaping you. Feeling caught or trapped in a complicated situation.

Negatively, a net used for catching things may reflect desperation to keep someone trapped in a situation of your choosing. Intentionally being a controlling jerk who wants to trap others in complicated situations that they don’t like. Difficulty letting go of people with a different agenda than you. Feelings about yourself being trapped or intentionally isolated. Feelings about someone intentionally try to use a resource or opportunity to control you for their own purposes. Bitter or jealous enemies in your life that enjoy seeing you unable to make progress. Feelings of hopeless that make you feel like giving up. Arrogant attempts to selfish secure all ideas or opportunities for yourself at once.

Positively, dreaming about a net may reflect ambitious or persistent attempts to secure every opportunity or idea that you can at once. Trying your hardest learn or make available every possible opportunity that you can as quickly as you can. Opening yourself up to a wide spectrum of possibilities. Not wanting to miss any chance at all.

To dream of a safety net represents feelings of security and support while taking risks or doing something dangerous. Backup plans you have prepared. Fear of taking risks. An unwillingness to accept real risk or make permanent mistakes.

Negatively, a safety net may reflect an unwillingness to wholeheartedly embrace honesty or commitment. An unwillingness to take risks for people who take risks on you.

To dream of a mosquito net represents feelings about wishing to avoid being annoyed, interfered with, or taken advantage of. A wish to avoid be bothered. Heightened sensitivity about noticing that nobody is laughing at you. Excessive preoccupation with noticing that you are perfectly respected.

To dream of a fishing net represents a wish to secure ideas, success, or opportunities. Insecurity about losing an idea, insight, or opportunity. Negatively, a fishing net may reflect an attempt to monopolize a situation by “scooping up” all the ideas or opportunities for yourself so nobody else get any. Jealousy of anyone else getting success, insights, or ideas that you won’t have first.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a safety net below here to prevent falling and also witnessed a few people falling off this safety net when they fell. In waking life she was worried about her personal and financial security being guaranteed while relocating to a different US State for a new job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a dolphin trapped in a net and hearing someone telling her to kill the dolphin because it was hopeless. In waking life she was trying to repair broken family relationships, but felt that people intentionally wanted to keep their bitter grudges against her. She felt hopeless trapped in poorly working family relationships with no way to fix them and felt like giving up talking to her family.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a large aquarium with sharks in it and the aquarium had a net wrapped around it. She got her hands stuck in  noticed the sharks coming for her. She got her hands out of the net, but hand to lay down to recover from the intense anxiety. In waking life she was very nervous about getting caught cheating on her boyfriend. The net around the large shark tank may have reflected her feelings about her current relationship trapping her and preventing her from being with someone else.



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