Neighborhood dreams meaning

By | March 30, 2019

Neighborhood dreams meaning


To dream of a neighborhood you’ve never been in may reflect feelings about unfamiliar situations you experiencing in waking life. New social situations, new jobs, new friends, new success, or some kind of situation that completely different than what you are used to in your normal life. Feeling anxiety or uneasy about a new situation.

To dream of a poor neighborhood may represent feelings about some area of your life feeling completely pathetic or unluckier than you.

Negatively, a poor neighborhood may reflect feelings about yourself feeling stuck with failure, poor luck, or jealous enemies who keep you down. Feeling that nothing you do helps you. Feeling that everyone you know is a loser. Feeling surrounded by people who are stupider than you. Feeling surrounded by people who are less fortunate than you. A complete lack of love and support in a situation. Feeling emotionally impoverished or neglected. New situations that feel hopeless or empty.

To dream of a rich neighborhood may reflect feelings about your entire life feeling better or stronger than it used to be. Situations or social interaction that feels more sophisticated. Feeling that a new situation is offering more opportunities and power than you are used to. Feeling that a situation is more supportive or loving than usual.

Negatively, a rich neighborhood may reflect feelings of not deserving success or improvements in your life. Jealousy of other people having a completely better life than you. New situations where you feel that you are not good enough.

To dream of an old neighborhood may reflect feelings about having to return to old social situations you have avoided or not been involved with for a long time. Old arguments returning. Old ways of living being repeated. Losing a way of living and having to return to your old way of living. Situations were you are completely immersed in your past or former habits.



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