Nails (Hammering) dreams meaning

By | March 30, 2019

Nails (Hammering) dreams meaning

Nails (Hammering)

To dream of a nail represents holding power or persistence in some area of your life. Something that is binding. You may feel forcefully bound to something. There may be responsibilities or obligations that can’t be ignored. You may feel forced to do something.

To hammer in your dream represents willpower, tenacity, or persistence. It may also reflect the binding nature of a final or long term decision. You may be forcing something to happen.

To dream of having your hands  to objects represents feelings of being forcefully bound to certain situations. You may be unable to do as you please or express yourself in a way that you’d like.

Example: A woman who worked in the corporate world once dreamed of seeing an imprisoned artist with his hands nailed to an object he was holding.  reflected her feelings of being forcefully bound to her work responsibilities. The artist in her felt trapped by work obligations and unable to express her creativity.



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