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The letter N in a dream represents creating only positivity. Something you’re doing or thinking is free from negative influence. The inability to fail. N reflects overcoming problems or having already confronted negative aspects of your life. Being very focused on not doing anything stupid.

The symbolism is N is based on the two vertical lines representing co-creation. The left pointing line representing positivity.

N is the 14th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 14 represents experience or something that doesn’t cancel.

Napoleon Bonaparte dreams meaning

Napoleon Bonaparte To dream of Napoleon Bonaparte represents controlling behavior that imposes a need for full integrity before all else. Negatively, dreaming about Napoleon Bonaparte may be sign that you are scaring other people that they don’t matter until you have been perfectly respected first. Example: While attending Radcliffe College, Helen Keller dreamed of being … Read More »

Narrow dreams meaning

Narrow To dream of a narrow space represents feelings of being restricted, confined, or limited. A narrow hallway or passage may reflect limited choices as you transition from one phase to another. room may reflect frustration, pressure, or a fear of being stuck. To dream about driving down a road that keeps getting more  may… Read More »

Natural Disasters dreams meaning

Natural Disasters To dream of natural disaster represents feelings of uncertainty or chaos during emotionally significant changes that you are powerless to stop. Unexpected problems you couldn’t predict or control. Feelings about poorly behaved people getting into serious trouble you can’t stop. Example: A woman dreamed of trying to survive a natural disaster. She didn’t… Read More »

Navy dreams meaning

Navy To dream of the navy represents a rigid stance or belief system that is confrontational. Refusing to stop being someone else’s problem. Getting in someone else’s face and refusing to back down. Knowing your behavior or intentions are negative while you stubbornly confront someone. Being negative for the sake of a good cause. A… Read More »

Neck dreams meaning

Neck To dream of a neck represents the interface between your thoughts and feelings. What you feel and what you actually choose to do in life about those feelings. The connection between your thoughts and actions. Often a symbol for your total commitment to a relationship or situation. Negatively, a neck symbolizes issues where you… Read More »

Neckerchief dreams meaning

Neckerchief To dream of a cowboy neckerchief may represent feelings about getting away expressing something without being caught. Liking someone never finding out what you really feel or said. Getting away with insulting someone or embarrassing someone to their face without being recognized for it. Feeling good being dishonester than other people. Feeling good being… Read More »

Necklace dreams meaning

Necklace To dream of a necklace represents a total commitment to an decision, idea, situation, or other person. There is a commitment with both mind and action. If someone doesn’t want to put on a necklace it represents unfulfilled desires, resistance, or rejection you are feeling in life. Negatively, dreaming about  may reflect big commitments… Read More »

Necrophilia dreams meaning

Necrophilia To dream of necrophilia represents feelings about yourself or someone else inappropriately enjoying others failures. Secretly enjoying someone else losing. Enjoying some area of your life that has failed because it’s so important or enjoyable to you that you don’t care if it’s a failure. Eagerness to enjoy someone else being a total loser.… Read More »

Negotiate dreams meaning

Negotiate To dream of negotiating represents your hesitance to accept new ideas or situations until conditions are perfect. You may be cautious or worried about embarrassing yourself. Negotiating an agreement or purchase can represent: An actual negotiation, disagreement, or argument in your life A focus on the balance between giving and taking somewhere in your… Read More »