Mute dreams meaning

By | March 30, 2019

Mute dreams meaning


To dream of mute or muting represents controlling whether or not listening matters.

To dream of the television on mute represents feelings about choosing to notice, but not listen to an experience that you have whenever you want. Awareness of an experience, intentionally avoiding feeling it’s not important to listen to.

To dream of a voice becoming muted represents about being acknowledged, but not listened to. Understanding something, but not listening to it. Choosing to intentionally avoid listening to a person, situation, or aspect of yourself. Arrogant, rudely, or ignorantly choosing to avoid listening.

To dream of a stereo on mute represents feelings about intentionally choosing to stop feeling good or listening to others feelings by choice. Intentionally believing that feelings aren’t important in the current moment. Intentionally interrupting feeling good.

To dream that you can’t speak as though you are “on mute” represents your feelings about attempts to express yourself not being listened to by anyone. Feeling that people are intentionally not listening to you. Your intentions or feelings are noticed being ignored. Feeling unable to express yourself or make yourself heard. Difficulty getting your point of view across. Feeling that you can’t speak or express yourself even if you try your hardest;

To dream of a human “mute” who doesn’t speak represents feelings of noticing that something comfortably doesn’t express itself. Behavior that isn’t awful, but it can’t or has difficulty expressing itself. Confusion about why a person or situation has difficulty expressing itself when it looks normal. Annoyance about assumptions or suggestions being made without substance. A person or situation that you feel is empty with being present. Feelings about a person or situation being controlled not expressing itself to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of being unable to speak and being on mute. In waking life he was trying to control his temper and didn’t like not being unable to express his real feelings. He felt that his true feelings were being ignored. He felt that people acknowledged him, but weren’t listening to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a muted woman carrying a tiger into a garage. In waking life he was frustrated that people would only praise his work and never buy anything that would allow him to become more successful. The muted woman may have reflected his feelings about a customer feeling empty with their interest in work.



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