Mulatto People dreams meaning

By | March 31, 2019

Mulatto People dreams meaning

Mulatto People

To dream of a mulatto, or half breed person represents situations where you have to feel good for something. A preoccupation with never wanting to experiencing anything ugly, boring, or unfair. A preference for wanting to feel good that may be exhausting or annoying. A heightened sense of enthusiasm or optimism while facing a challenge.

Positively, mulatto people may reflect situations where you or other people feel that it’s important to feel good being secure. Feeling that it’s important to love what you are doing.

Negatively, dreaming of a mulatto person represents you or someone that doesn’t listen to anything your told if it doesn’t feel good. Feeling forced to be happy about something that’s been ruined or spoiled. It may also reflect a powerful opportunity that has been lost or devastated. Feelings about yourself or someone else whining too much or being too sensitive about having to feel good. Feeling annoyed by someone who doesn’t want to stop feeling good all the time in ways you aren’t as interested in.

Example: A woman dreamed of being attracted to a mulatto man. In waking life she still had feelings for her ex who was in prison. The attractive mulatto man may have reflected her desire to feel good with her ex even though he was a dangerous criminal who deserved to be in prison.



3 thoughts on “Mulatto People dreams meaning

  1. Nikki

    Could you be any more racist?
    Even the term mulatto is not really acceptable anymore. Please get someone to read you stuff and check for your racist blind spots.

  2. Cla

    This is really astonishing that you think this is acceptable! Emily, where is the interpretation of white people in dreams? Or does equality not matter in this instance? Also, your ‘meanings’ are full of contradictions and are such a reach I think you must have pulled several muscles trying to make your racist notions ‘fit’ your dream ideology.

  3. Human Being

    Half-breed. Mulatto.

    It’s 1864 still apparently.

    I’m dumbfounded by the ignorance actually.

    I feel like this site is actually ran by the Klan.


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