Mosaic dreams meaning

By | March 31, 2019

Mosaic dreams meaning


To dream of a mosaic or mosaic pattern represents feelings about experiencing imperfect situations where every single little detail is paid attention to.

Positively, dreaming of  represents enjoying yourself being a novice at something. Not caring about having to be perfect to achieve your goals.

Negatively, dreaming of  may be a sign that you are annoyed by having to pay too much attention to something to the point where quality suffers.

Fact: Migraine sufferers often dream of patterns. This is possibly a reflection of the migraine sufferers feelings about the migraine experience forcing them to perceive situations as unpleasant drawn out experiences that annoy them that nothing is good enough. This is something many people feel when they get a headache, but for the migraine sufferer the dream may be a sign that they are prolonging the migraine experience for too long by not doing enough about it.



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