Midnight dreams meaning

By | April 2, 2019

Midnight dreams meaning


To dream of midnight represents feelings about a deadline. Feelings about their being absolutely nothing else left to do or change in a current situation you are experiencing. Feelings that a deadline might be dangerous. A sense of danger or uncertainty with a new beginning. A sense that “the inevitable” has arrived, but hasn’t shown itself yet. Feelings about a temporary moment of dangerous transition. Feelings about having nothing left to say or argue about before judgment comes. A quiet sense that “the end is here.” Empty feelings about the end of a situation being slow or meaningless. Feeling that time has run out with a deadline and that there is nobody to help you. A sense of danger about confronting jealousy or conflict that nobody else is aware of you confronting.

To dream that midnight has arrived after experiencing daytime may represents feelings about the obvious worsening of a situation, increased sense danger, or uncertainty of an inevitable ending. Feeling that a deadline has finally arrived. Dreams of midnight may also reflect feelings about the end of your day.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing parents go for a midnight swim. In waking life he was feeling tired, listless, without any clear direction, and then suddenly became more creative after a break. The parents going for a midnight swim may have his feelings about taking a break or doing something different to restore his enthusiasm at the end of the day.



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