Midgets dreams meaning

By | April 2, 2019

Midgets dreams meaning


To dream of a midget represents an aspect of your personality that is small or insignificant. Feelings about other people consistently looking stupid being less powerful or sophisticated than you. Possibly your feelings about people or situations that think are unimportant. It may also reflect your feelings about being unimportant, helpless, or having low self-worth.

To dream of having sex with a midget represents a highly enjoyable experience where you are feeling good noticing a permanent state of superiority, more power, that you are too good to lose. Liking to feel that a person or situation always looks stupid being smaller or weaker than you.

Example: A woman once dreamed of seeing a man who had molested her when she was a child as a midget. In real life she was beginning to process the trauma of what happened to her and was getting over it. The man becoming a midget reflected the power of those traumatic memories diminishing.

Example 2: A boy once dreamed of seeing his parents as midgets. In real life he was defying their orders and getting away with it. The midget parents reflected his diminished view of his parents power over him. He saw them as “pushovers.”

Example 3: A young man dreamed of defeating midgets at a game of basketball. In waking life he was embarrassing people on the internet with superior hacking skills while they constantly failed to get him back.



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