Metal dreams meaning

By | April 2, 2019

Metal dreams meaning


To dream of things made of metal represents something about you or your life that you are confident about being strong. Confidence and security. Strength of character. Feelings about behavior or some area of your life that is protective of staying the way it is. Some area of your life that doesn’t cancel easy or takes a concerted effort to change or damage. Some area of your life that isn’t going to break easily. Quality of character or feelings about the strength of a personality trait.

Negatively, metal reflects dangerous behavior or bad intentions that are extremely difficult to change.

To dream of thin metal may reflect feelings about behavior or a situation that’s felt to be durable as long as it’s left that way.

Consider the type and size of the metal object for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing two small metal clamps, one below and one above, touching each other. The clamps were flat rods together except for the middle which was bent like a triangle where the bottom clamp bent down and the top clamp bent up. In waking life the dreamer felt he was experiencing petty competition with someone believing they were better than him at his job to the point of experiencing the other person training hard while he was forced to take time off. The dreamer was a trained expert while the annoying competitor cared about nothing except appearances taking advantage of a situation imposed on the dreamer.



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