Messages dreams meaning

By | April 2, 2019

Messages dreams meaning


To dream of receiving a message represents feelings about understanding the true nature or seriousness of a matter. Finally “getting the message.” Realizations that you need to allow something unpleasant to happen because you can’t control it. Feeling that someone is trying to convey a hint to you. Awareness of yourself not listening as well as you should have. Unexpected news or developments.

Negatively, dreaming of receiving a message may reflect feelings about embarrassing realizations, or feeling stupid for not understanding a subtle signal sooner. A serious wake up call. Difficulty accepting unpleasant facts. Realization that you weren’t paying as close attention to the reality of a situation as you should have. Body language or strange behavior in other people that you can’t completely understand. Bad news that is mean, obvious, or scary.

To dream of sending someone a message represents feelings about needing to convey something important to others. Feeling that you haven’t been clear enough to someone. Feeling that your subtle communications have not been understood. Negatively, it may reflect unpleasant truths you need to reveal to someone. Feeling the need to let someone down easy, reject someone, or breakup with someone. Feeling that it’s either too easy or not easy at all to make reality obvious to someone.

To dream of only hearing a message represents feelings about not having full certainty with with a signal you are receiving. Not believing or having full confidence in news you have been told.

Consider the content of the message for additional metaphorical symbolism.

Dreams of messages are also common in dreams of people who are struggling to discern the messages of their previous dreams.

Example: A woman dreamed of receiving a message from her grandmother. In waking life she was struggling to help her brother get out of jail. After all her options to help her brother had been exhausted she finally realized that she had to give up and let her brother go to jail with the full sentence with no way to stop it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of something delivering a spoken message to him abut winning the lottery of which he didn’t believe at first. When the person delivering the message said he had the winning ticket with the dreamers name on it the dreamer jumped for joy. In waking life the dreamer was waiting for a very long time for his wealthy controlling father to die. When his father finally was dying he didn’t believe it would happen for real until the death was communicated to him by a hospital doctor.

Example 3: A man dreamed of hearing someone trying to tell him a message of which he couldn’t hear perfectly. In waking life he had been doing a lot of dream studies and was convinced that his dreams were trying to tell him something important that he couldn’t understand.



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