Mermaid dreams meaning

By | April 2, 2019

Mermaid dreams meaning


To dream of a mermaid represents feelings about being suspicious of something beautiful or pleasant. Situations that feel good, but have something difficult to trust about them. A wonderful experience with “something fishy about it.” Friendly or interesting offers that seem suspicious.

Temptation or clever deceptions. Your feelings about something attractive or interesting that leads you astray. A deceptive lure. A person or situation that enchants you before turning on you. Sexual seduction intended to make a fool out of you. Feelings about people that you suspect may abandon you the moment they get what they want from you. Enemies that enjoy leading you astray. Feelings about addictions making you feel that it’s OK to indulge a little bit while being aware that indulging might make the addiction worse.

Negatively, dreaming about mermaids may be a warning sign against repeating embarrassments that have already occurred in the past. Feeling that it’s safe to ignore suspicious or weird issues knowing full well that it might be setting you up for embarrassment. Trusting people that have betrayed you in the past. Naively believing that you won’t get into trouble if you act more intelligent than usual about something dangerous or risky.

To dream of being a mermaid may reflect feelings about not being perfectly trusted by someone else with an attractive offer you are making to them. Using sex, bribes, or lures to trick someone into losing their power. Women who are trying to get pregnant often dream of mermaids to reflect their attempts to use sex or sexual attractiveness to lure their partners into getting them pregnant with children when having children may not be their partners ideal vision of the future of the relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing mermaids on his walls. In waking life he was having serious problems with pornography addiction. He felt that his addiction was so strong that he couldn’t overcome the seduction of pornography making him feel that looking at pornography was OK as long as he didn’t masturbate to it. He kept repeating this behavior and ended up feeling humiliated by his addiction.

Example 2: A man dreamed of catching a mermaid and then letting it go. In waking life he had a business idea, but he thought it might lure investors into wasting their money because he doubted himself. He let go of the idea.



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  1. Carmen

    I had a dream that I was in a mall and I was on the second or 3rd Level, and there was this mermaid that was there. She was walking and she looked like a human and idk what I did but she got mad at me,and started throwing me around and tried to kill me. She had glasses and had brown hair. I appeared in my room then she was there and she took her tail off. And she had no feet and then she put her tail on. She told me not to look when she was putting her tail on but I did and she got mad at me. She had a mean face on. But then her face kinda looked like my cousin. Because my cousin has brown hair with black glasses and so did she. She did not have legs because they were together but like at the bottom when she put her fin She had a weird cut sideways kinda. For the bottom of her legs. Then I woke up. Do you have any idea of what this dream was about? Thanks so much for helping me.😁


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