McDonalds Restaurant dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

McDonalds Restaurant dreams meaning

M c Donalds Restaurant

To dream of McDonald’s may represent situations in your life that consistently provide likeable wonderful experiences, but may not be good for you long-term. Feeling that nothing is permanent, but it feels good right now. You or someone else that consistently provides pleasure or comfort with ease that feels good never needing to be questioned in the present moment. Feeling good being consistently supported with never being in trouble or feeling stupid in the current moment. Feeling good being supported as a happy perfect winner, but you probably don’t want to become dependent on that support. Consistent wonderful, happy, likeable short-term experiences that always feel like you get exactly what you expect. Feeling good consistently never being shorted. Feel good being consistently supported as an accepted winner.

Often a dream symbol that reflects short-term sexual experiences, financial success, or anything happening in your life that feels good being perfectly accepted. A perfect short-term “feel good” experience of supportive acceptance. Feeling good never having to lose short-term. Experiencing non-stop enjoyment that never judges you or questions you in the present moment.

Negatively, dreaming about McDonald’s restaurant may be a sign that you are addicted or dependant on short-term enjoyment of feeling accepted. Using, not listening to, or not appreciating someone who consistantly supports you with feeling good as a happy winner. Not focusing on long-term quality happiness because short-term happiness that is difficult to get is distracting you. Not asking enough questions about why short-term acceptance that feels good isn’t 100% permanent. Short-term pleasure that in some way that may have long-term consequences. Feeling that life should have too easy no matter what even when it may come with personal costs or is hurting others feelings. Choosing to feel good all the time avoiding work, discipline, or asking difficult questions.

To dream of working at McDonald’s may represents perfectly catering to others enjoyment. You or someone else that is doing whatever it takes to make others feel good never having to lose at all. Working hard to make others feel supported as happy winners in the short-term.

Negatively, working at McDonald’s may reflect feelings of being used by others to have a really good time. Feelings that you always serving other people experiences to feel good no matter what. Awareness of yourself being used or underappreciated to serve other people feeling good being accepted as a winner.

Example: A man dreamed of eating at McDonald’s restaurant. In waking life he was an artist who had found people who really enjoyed his work. He felt good being able to get praise ever single time he showed these people his new artwork. He felt good enjoying how easy his life was to be respected so easily for all he did. He felt like a perfect winner that couldn’t ever lose again. McDonald’s in this case may have reflected how he felt life was consistently supporting him with people enjoying his work while feeling he couldn’t financially support himself as an artist long-term.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of eating at McDonald’s. In waking life he was watching a lot of pornography. In this case McDonald’s may have reflected his feelings about pornography on the internet supporting his sexual needs while feeling that watching pornography long-term was not a good idea relationship-wise.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of working at McDonald’s. In waking life she was developing a photography business. Working at McDonald’s in this case may have reflected her feelings about consistently trying to make it easy for her customers to feel good looking good all the time.



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  2. Roger

    I had a dream that I worked at McDonald’s. McDonald’s was a disaster. I think that dream was telling me to focus on my business and financial freedom.

  3. Pat

    I had I dream that I bought McDonalds at Wal*Mart and remembered that I forgot to pay as I was leaving, I ran back to the self checkout and payed with creditcard put the food in may car and woke up 🙂

  4. divine

    i was having a dream about getting dressed inside a very big, spacious, cold dim light place where i remember going as an invitation for someone else’s special birthday party. the event was some place in edmonton or enfield, sometime in the year 2019 which i enjoyed so well. the only weird difference is that the whole building was empty and i was the only person there, since i was lonely and i felt very scared. i’m referring to my old church fountain of fire prayer youth ministries international. that exact same one who went on holiday to spain, turkey, greece, holland and other countries all around this beautiful world to explore and thank god for it.


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