Mayonnaise dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

Mayonnaise dreams meaning


To dream of mayonnaise represents feelings of feeling good that it’s easy that something doesn’t have to matter too much. Feeling good accepting something the way it is. Feeling good that something is special enough and doesn’t need to be gorgeous. Feeling good that nobody embarrasses you with not liking something the way it is. Feeling good not needing to change anything.

Example: A woman dreamed of being told to make a sandwich with everything on it, but no . In waking life she was experiencing a lot of problems in her life and almost no family left. Being told to leave the mayonnaise off the sandwich in this case may have reflected her feelings about trying to make herself as comfortable getting through her troubling situation as she could, but to not get too comfortable accepting it the way it was so it wouldn’t accept it permanently.



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