Matches dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

Matches dreams meaning


To dream of matches represents your feelings about simple or unsophisticated methods to start something.

Negatively, matches may reflect empty or shallow feelings about destroying relationships or starting something dangerous. Desperate vain attempts to start something you feel is important. Wasting your time with an impotent option to start or stop something.

To dream of having only one match may reflect feeling about having only one chance to start something. One opportunity to get what you want to happen. Limited chances to “ignite” or rekindle a situation or relationship. One limited chance to destroy something. Feeling that you have a small opportunity to get revenge or pay someone back. It may also reflect your feeling that you may be screwed if you waste an important opportunity.

Example: A man dreamed of being desperate to get some matches so he could burn a kitchen down. In waking life he ran into people from his former workplace and was desperate to find a way to prevent himself from socializing with them and having to be friends with them ever again. The matches he was desperate to find may have reflected his eagerness to find any petty reason to cut off and destroy or “burn down” future friendships with the people he didn’t like.

Example 2: A man dreamed of desperately using matches in a basement to keep the hot water tank burner running. He witnessed the hot water tank burner turn off while he sat in total darkness. In waking life he was a criminal who was desperate to keep his criminal enterprise running. He tried everything he could to keep it hidden and functional until the police shut him down.



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