Massacre dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

Massacre dreams meaning


To dream of a massacre represents big changes for better or worse. Some area of your life has been completely wiped out.

Negatively, it may reflect confidence, resources, happiness, or relationships that are totally gone. Positively, it may reflect a lot of fear, negative emotions, bad habits, or negative situations that are being confronted at once.



One thought on “Massacre dreams meaning

  1. Rosalia M. Seerup

    I did dream massacre last night, I see a lot of guns in the farm, then I went to the one family and talk about it. And we notice that there is someone listening, and we found that there is a hiding microphone in the room. Then after we found out about it suddenly a lot of african soldiers comes out and start taken all people and start killing them group by group including question is WHY I AM DREAMING LIKE THAT? Thank you so much for your answer.


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