Marshmallows dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019



To dream of marshmallows represents feelings about an aspect of your life that feels like an easy bonus. Situations that feel enjoyable extra and light-hearted. Feeling good being easily liked by friends. Feeling that it’s exceptionally easy to enjoy yourself. Feelings of loving or liking yourself with something “fantastically extra.” Enjoying “every single little detail” in an easy experience you are having. Enjoyable, yet unnecessary “extras.”

Negatively, marshmallows may reflect feelings about vain choices that feel good, but are not necessary. An area of your life that feels fantastic, but isn’t relevant to functioning. An enjoyable, but ultimately irrelevant “bonus.” Dependence vain or unnecessary choices. Wasting time on easy things. Wasting time with extras or bonuses instead of the real problems in your life. A sign that you sensitive about enjoying yourself perfectly with a vain lifestyle that is interfering with more serious aspects of your life. Dependence on “extras” to be happy. Too much focus on life having to be enjoyed perfectly with bonuses. Too much concern with enjoying yourself having your own way when it’s not relevant. Dependence on something unimportant that makes everything else in your life feel better. Preferring to feel good with something frivolous than to confront your problems.

Dreams of marshmallows are very commonly accompanied by images of chocolate. This may reflect an excessive need to enjoy your life that is interfering with more serious aspects of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of a marshmallow eating him. In waking life he was concerned that his need to have a perfect after school social life with all his friends was causing him to start failing at school. The marshmallows in this case may have reflected his feeling about the extra after hours time he was enjoying with friends that felt really good to experience, but was unnecessary to the proper functioning of his life. Overall the dream reflected feelings about “bonus” social activity that was destroying his school performance. He was being “eaten” or failed by his easy social life.



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