Marriage dreams meaning

By | April 3, 2019

Marriage dreams meaning


To dream of marriage represents a sense of union or permanence. Aspects of yourself that are working together all the time. A situation that you are always involved with. Ideas you are convinced of. Behavior or habits you can’t see yourself discontinuing. Dependency of a certain way of thinking or acting.

Marriage may be a sign that you are repeating certain behavior a lot or experiencing something that you feel is permanent.

To dream of seeing someone you like marry someone else may reflect insecurities or jealousy. A lack of belief in commitment to you.

Negatively, marriage may reflect situations that you feel stuck with. Feeling trapped or held back. Problems with secret crushes on people you are not dating. Jealousy of seeing people you are interested in dating or marrying other people. Feeling that you can’t change a situation, stop yourself from behaving a certain way , or are trapped in a relationship.

Dreaming about problems in a marriage may reflect waking life situations where commitment or a sense of permanence are lacking.

Dreaming of marriage to something unusual such as a plant, animal, or object may reflect feelings about strong commitments to something unusual or unconventional based on the whatever the symbolism is what you are married to.

To dream of not being married may represent feelings of not having a permanent connection or sense of support. Religious people who dream of not being married may be experiencing a sense that God is not supporting them in life.

Example: A man dreamed of being married to Evangeline Lilly. The quality that stood out the most to him about Evangeline Lilly was her unwillingness to “take crap” from anyone. In waking life the man was spending a lot of time yelling at his business partner who was being irresponsible. Being married to Evangeline Lilly reflected how he felt he had to prove to his partner that he wouldn’t take crap from him at all times.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being married to a vampire. In waking life she noticed herself being dependent on using her friend to get through a class at school.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of being married to a monkey. In waking life he was being made fun of for wanting to marry a girl that other people called a witch. The marriage symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about being permanently involved with a girl behaving in a way he was losing respect for.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being married to a fat woman. In waking life he was being criticized for lazy behavior that he didn’t want to stop.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being married to someone that wasn’t her husband. In waking life she was very confident about ending her marriage and marrying another man if she ever wanted to.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing a royal wedding. In waking life he was witnessing his ex getting married to another man

Example 7: A woman dreamed of getting married, but everything is going wrong. In waking life she was experiencing arguments with her boyfriend about his unwillingness to commit.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of getting married to a cactus. In waking life he was trying to commit herself to studying for her school exams.



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