Mailbox dreams meaning

By | April 4, 2019

Mailbox dreams meaning


To dream of a mailbox represents feelings about others choosing to relay or communicate personal matters to. Feelings about whether or not someone thinks you are important enough to dedicate time to. Feelings about how popular you are. Feelings about how important you are to other people.

Negatively, a mailbox may reflect anxiety about why someone in your life hasn’t chosen to communicate with you. Feeling desperate for an opportunity or communication from someone. Receptivity that is being ignored by others. Hoping someone will call you or leave you a message. Feeling lonely. Fear of serious matter you suspected becoming very real. Wasting your time waiting for personal or special treatment. Wasting your time waiting for good news. Fear that nobody likes you, wants to spend time with your, or that someone will permanently ignore you.

Example: A 66 year-old woman dreamed of seeing her obese neighbor uproot her mailbox and walk off with it. In waking life she was having concerns that she had spent too much time talking about her flaws to man she was getting to know and that this made him never want to speak to her again. The uprooted mailbox in this case may have reflected her insecure feelings about herself being too unattractive for the man she was talking to to call her back on his own on his own free will.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking passed a mailbox that had money protruding out of it which she had to quickly gather up and then hide. In waking life she stumbled into an opportunity for a promotion at work before other people did and felt the need to take advantage of the offer quickly before other people at work found out about it. The mailbox in this case may have reflected her expectations about herself deserving to be singled out for a promotion by her boss.



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