Machetes dreams meaning

By | April 4, 2019

Machetes dreams meaning


To see or use a machete in your dream represents extreme hostility. Powerful feelings of opposition. Hatred or conflict towards a situation or person. You may be very frustrated or angry.

Consider who or what is being attacked bu the machete for additional symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of holding a machete. In waking life he was very interested in getting revenge on a friend that was unfaithful him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of using a machete to chop off his brother’s head. In waking life he was angry at his brother and considering cutting him out of his life forever.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of chopping up an anaconda snake with a machete. In waking life she felt she had to take hostile action against someone who was making comments that where destroying her business.



3 thoughts on “Machetes dreams meaning


    Okay but what if I dreamt of a dangerous unknown person trying to attack me with a machete


    Okay but what if you dreamt of a dangerous unknown person trying to attack you with a machete

  3. Sasha

    What does it mean when i dream of a man I know being chased by jamaicans people’s running through the wood trying To kill him with guns and a machete?


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