Lock dreams meaning

By | April 5, 2019

Lock dreams meaning


To dream of being locked out represents your inability to do what you want or to feel what you want. You may feel cut off or kept away from something. You may also feel unable to see something. An obstacle, boundary, or impossible requirement. A lock could also reflect someone else’s sense of ownership. Alternatively, you may feel that you’re unable to see someone else’s hidden motives.

To dream of your key not working on a lock may reflect your need to find new answers or insight to your problems. You may have to try something new to find a solution.

To dream of picking a lock represents your attempt to defy the rules or get around boundaries.

To dream of being locked in represents your feeling that you can’t get away from something. You may feel stuck with a person or situation. A sense of restriction or confinement.

To dream of being locked out represents feelings of being excluded, abandoned, or feeling like outsider. Consider whether being locked out is purposeful or not for additional meaning.

To dream of locking something may represent restrictions you are making for others or your attempt to shut off others completely. Alternatively, you may feel that certain demands must be met emotionally or situationally by someone else. You feel a sense of ownership over something.

To dream of being unable to lock something may reflect feelings of vulnerability, a lack of privacy, or an inability to stop someone.

Example: A woman dreamed being unable to lock a door and feeling unsafe. In waking life she feared that her husband’s sex addiction couldn’t be stopped and that it would ruin their marriage.



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