License Plate dreams meaning

By | April 6, 2019

License Plate dreams meaning

License Plate

To dream of a license plate represents how we are identified or viewed by others. It reflects how our reputation, personality, or status is perceived by someone else.

A license plate is a symbol for how our decisions allow others to form opinions about us. Making out someone else’s plate is then a metaphor for labeling someone based on the decisions they’ve made.

Negatively, a license plate may reflect too much preoccupation with how someone else’s decisions are perceived as better than yours. Feelings about your decisions being too easily designated as pathetic or loser decisions without question. Feeling that you are too easily reprimanded by others get away with dishonesty with ease. Feeling that you are not being identified by God as an honest powerful person while dishonest people get away with negative behavior with ease.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband’s truck with the license plate “NINJA” on it parked at the end of her driveway. In waking life she was in the process of getting a divorce from him and she feared that her husband would always defeat her attempts to separate with dignity and respect because he could always claim that she was crazy since she had been forced to take medication to stop hallucinations. She had anxiety about him having good luck always having a perfect way to perfectly embarrass her easily and without warning. The license plate with “NINJA” in this case may have reflected her feelings about viewing all her husband’s actions in a way that is perfectly conflicting with her wishes.


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