Leopard dreams meaning

By | April 6, 2019

Leopard dreams meaning


To dream of a leopard represents patience and stealth. Feelings about yourself or other people who quietly observe every single thing happening in a situation before totally humiliating someone when they least expect it. Feeling very determined to achieve a goal. Potential for a dangerous last minute embarrassment.

Positively, a leopard may reflect overcoming obstacles through persistence. Carefully waiting for the perfect moment to strike your enemy. Noticing what your enemy is doing all the time so they can’t escape you.

Negatively, a leopard may reflect your fear about enemies who are secretly observing all your weakness before they attack you with them. Feeling that people are so jealous of you that they will never stop looking for a perfect reason to hurt or humiliate you. Feeling that someone is always “ready to strike.” Feeling that your enemy is watching you all the time so you can’t escape them. A determined opponent. Feeling weary of danger or that someone will never show you pity. A prolonged need to avoid something observing you. Fearing serious government agencies such as the IRS.

Alternatively, a leopard may reflect your own attempts to steal something from someone in stealth. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal something.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a leopard. In waking life he was paranoid about a welfare office interviewer who he felt didn’t believe a single thing he said about his finances. He felt the welfare office worker was waiting for a single incorrect piece of information in his application interview to totally humiliate him that he was a liar as though she was stealthily enjoying waiting for it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a leopard sitting in the back seat of her car. In waking life she was someone who didn’t like losing her temper, but felt that at the current moment she had to be very firm and determined to achieve a goal by showing that she could lose her temper at the last minute if she had to if someone didn’t do something as perfect as she needed it done.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a leopard that scared her. In waking life she was thinking about stealing a man away from his wife and was waiting for the right opportunity to start the affair.



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