Legs dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Legs dreams meaning


To dream of legs represents independence, momentum, movement, and progress. Think of the term “giving something legs.”

To dream of legs that don’t work represents your feelings of being stifled, held back, or going nowhere.

To dream of losing legs represents a loss of independence, momentum, or progress.

To dream of a broken leg represents feelings about being a loser until some area of your life is fixed. Feeling a loss of independence until a problem is resolved.

To dream of having a three or more legs may reflect an unusual high amount of independent projects, plans, or choices. Awareness of yourself doing more on your own than other people. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are taking on too much and becoming counterproductive. It may also reflect a need to show off doing more than others.

To dream of one leg being shorter than the other may reflect feeling about your independence not being what you want it to be.

To dream of crossed legs while sitting down on a chair represents feelings of being confident and comfortable with a decision you’ve made. Awareness of yourself feeling like an adult with a decision you’ve made.

To dream of crossed  while sitting down represents stubbornness, defensiveness, or being close minded. Being comfortable refusing something. Positively, it may reflect a comfortable attitude towards not needing anything or not asking for anything.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having a broken  and waiting for it to heal. In waking life she had a problem standing up for herself which required other people to stand up for her to fix the problem. She didn’t like herself needing to have other people solve her problems and wait for the problem to settle down.



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  1. Melody Howard

    I always have a dream that my one leg won’t move. I literally have to pick it up and move it. I have this often and last night I even had a dream I was talking about having a dream about my legs


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