Leaving dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Leaving dreams meaning


To dream of yourself leaving a place represents feelings about choosing to do something different or feeling that it’s time to “move on” in a situation. It may reflect feelings about being finished with a current objective or idea.

To dream of seeing people leaving a place represents feelings about something different happening in your life. Changes or new things are happening. Negatively, seeing people leaving in a dream may reflect unpleasant feelings about a situation you like changing into one that you don’t like. Losing support or feeling embarrassed by a loss. Feelings about people losing interest in you or feeling that someone else is more interesting than you are. Jealousy that people don’t like you anymore.

Alternatively, dreams with people leaving in them may be mirroring your feelings about people close to you moving on in life. Feeling that a friendship or relationship has reached the end of an era. Feelings about people moving away.

To dream of someone in a relationship leaving you may reflect feelings about losing confidence in yourself or a lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Feeling that certain habits, skills, or unusual good luck are not working well for you anymore.

Feelings about people in your life choosing to spend less time with you. Anxiety about partners becoming more interested in other people. Feeling that people don’t like you anymore.

To dream that you are leaving someone else in a relationship may reflect feelings about needing to move on from bad habits. Feelings about needing to “grow up” from habits, friends, or lifestyle choices that aren’t beneficial to you anymore. Feelings about yourself being unable to be involved with people that don’t share your views or understand you anymore. It could also reflect feelings about not being happy with your relationship anymore and avoiding confronting those feelings.

To dream of leaving a place to go back home represents feelings about wanting return your life to normal in some way. A wish to go back to the old way of doing things.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people leaving him and walking away. In waking life he felt overwhelmed with embarrassment when people began to abandon support for him financially in his new business venture when it wasn’t working fast enough.



5 thoughts on “Leaving dreams meaning

  1. Retha Geldenhuys

    Good day.

    I have been haing these dreams where my boyfriend and myself are at places together.
    We having a fun good time together and then he goes to put something in the car only for me to after a while realise he left me at the place. Usually it’s very public places in my dreams the first time was at a church (he wanted to join a cell group without me so just left me there) the next time at a market and last night it was at a resort.

    The first time I managed to find him again second time after hours (in my dream) he finally answered his phone only to be very mean and last night I was just not able to get hold of him at all he just left.

    I read through the” Leaving dreams meaning” but can’t really seem to pin point what this might mean.

    I will forever be grateful if you can please help me understand these dreams.

    Thank you in advance.
    Many Blessings

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  4. Dawn

    Hi my friend Maya moved away and keep having dream of seeing her and I wake up crying


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