Leaflets dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Leaflets dreams meaning


To dream of a leaflet represents feeling about a person or situation in your life that wants you to try to open-minded. Being open to other opinions or viewpoints.

Negatively, leaflets in a dream may reflect charm, charisma, rhetoric that is starting to negatively influence your ability to think critically. A bad influence in your life that wants you to be open-minded to something you know is wrong. Allowing the allure of feeling better than others to begin to influence you. An arrogant person in your life that is trying to influence you by making you feel good being a snob.

Example: A woman dreamed of Hitler handing her a leaflet and caressing her hair. In waking life she lived in Nazi Germany and was beginning to feel the power of Hitler’s charisma in his propaganda speeches.



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