Lawn mower dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Lawn mower dreams meaning

Lawn mower

To dream of a lawn mower represents feelings about needing to maintain appearances being important. A high level of motivation to make changes to appearances. Making sure area of your life is noticed in an attractive or responsible manner. A serious action taken in your life to reverse the appearance of neglect or laziness. Feelings about finishing a job being important. You or someone else that wants to force positive change. Wanting to make sure that a positive change is noticed by others. Knowing you want something different for a relationship or your life. It may also reflect certainty about channeling your negative thinking into positive thinking. A lawn mower may be a sign that you wanting others to notice your attitude changing. Alternatively, you may feel that some aspect of your life has been neglected and is in need of attention.

Negatively, a lawn mower may reflect a lack of honesty or respect for others in order to help yourself maintain a good appearance. A bossy attitude or aggressive attitude about making positive changes to appearances. A willingness to behave dangerously if it means you will look good. The potential to be too serious or aggressive about improving appearances. A serious action taken to improve your life that is dangerous to interrupt. Feeling that you might anger someone that you’ve asked to help you make improvements if you ask them to stop. A lawn mower points to your need to keep up appearances.

A push mower may reflect awareness of extra effort required to make a change and a riding mower may reflect a more effortless method of change.

Example: A woman dreamed of mowing her lawn with a lawn mower. In waking life she had decided to make an attitude adjustment about an issue to help her relationship with her boyfriend.



One thought on “Lawn mower dreams meaning

  1. Rebecca

    I dreamt that a guy was underneath a commercial BMW lawnmower but it wasn’t hurting him. I was looking at the guy through the perspective of the lawnmower as if I was it. The view shifted slightly so that I could see it to the left of me, showing the “nose” end of it. It was grey.

    At first, it was the open kind with the seat on top of a disc but then it changed so that it had a “door” (?) like a dune buggy.


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