Law School dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Law School dreams meaning

Law School

To dream of law school represents a high degree of focus on training yourself to be better at getting restitution, justice, or “getting someone back.”

Positively, law school may reflect a responsible attitude towards learning about every single possible thing you can do to get back at someone arrogant.

Negatively, law school may reflect obsession with learning how to screw people over or control people who don’t behave the way you want.



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  1. Penelope Pinzingerich

    This Coming Martial Law Situation, Soon Arriving Here In America, Sounds Lots Like What Hospitals Such As The University Of Iowa/IA. Hospitals And Clinics DOES!! I Don’t Like THIS AT ALL!! also: I’d Like To Believe That My Original Home State, Here In This Physical Reality (Is IT??) Really Even Actually CARES For ME, But I Don’t Think Over All, That The State Of Iowa/IA. Really Gives A WHOOP About Me Really…..NOPE!!!!


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