Lavender dreams meaning

By | April 7, 2019

Lavender dreams meaning


To dream of lavender flowers represents appreciation for honesty that allows you to feel completely carefree or neutral. Feelings about family life or safety that allows you to accept yourself the way you are. Appreciation of being completely insulted from danger or worries. Enjoying or appreciating a neutral situation.

To dream of lavender essential oil represents feelings about perfectly isolating yourself from worries or stress by being perfectly unconcerned with obligation. Protecting yourself emotionally by perfectly accepting the reality that there is absolutely nothing you can do about a problem by focusing on it anymore. Isolating yourself emotionally from stress by being confident in 100% honesty in situations you can’t control. Rubbing lavender oil on someone else may reflect a wish to bring relief or ease to someone else by isolating them from jealous rumors or nagging problems. A powerful concentrated method of protecting or isolating yourself from stress, worries, or frustrations about dishonesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of rubbing lavender oil on her bosses feet. In waking life she was trying to protect herself from the stress of protecting her boss from office rumors. Eventually, she felt the only protection against the non-stop rumors was to stop fighting them and to be confident that the need for verification of the accusations against her would prove she and her boss were perfectly honest. This attitude about her moral integrity finally allowed her to feel 100% carefree.



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