Lampshade dreams meaning

By | April 8, 2019

Lampshade dreams meaning


To dream of a lampshade represents the manner in which you are being kept informed, reassured, or provided a clear understanding. How your source of insight, inspiration, or reassurance feels.

To dream of a broken lampshade represents feelings that your sources of information, understanding, or reassurance are somehow compromised. No longer being able to feel comfortable that nothing matters.

Ugly lampshades may represent unpleasant or unattractive sources of information or assistance. Getting help from people you don’t like or feeling that you have an inferior resource. An uncomfortable setting to function in.

Beautiful or attractive lampshades may represent pleasant feelings about your sources of information or assistance. Feeling comfortable thinking that nothing matters. Family, friends, or situations that feel good getting help from. Having a superior resource or comfortable setting to function in.



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