Labor dreams meaning

By | April 8, 2019

Labor dreams meaning


To dream of birthing labor represents feelings about a new situation or new problem being difficult to integrate into your life. The arrival of a new situation or difficult problem you have been expecting. Feelings of preparing or embracing for big changes. Fearing that something wrong will happen at the last moment as you embrace change.

Alternatively, if you are actually pregnant than dreams about birthing labor may reflect your anxieties or insecurities about giving birth. Anxieties about not being prepared enough to
safely give birth.

To dream of manual work labor represents feelings about an area of your life being exhausting or requiring a lot of effort. A heightened feeling of requiring a lot of hard work to accomplish something.

Negatively, dreaming about manual work labor represents feelings about yourself being a loser who has to do something serious or boring all the time. Insecurities about yourself being stupider or less sophisticated than other people. Feelings about yourself being a loser than doesn’t deserve anything easy. Feelings about not being in control of your a life or a specific situation you are involved in. An unwillingness to reverse a bad decision to save yourself time. Stubbornly refusing to ask for help or listen to advice which is causing stress.



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