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The letter L in a dream represents confrontation with balance. It means that you now have to face the finality of a situation that’s over or a problem that has been corrected. Positively, it may reflect a no longer having to worry about something.

The symbolism is based on the design of the letter. The vertical line represents confrontation and the horizontal line represents total balance.

L is the 12th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 12 represents the end of a cycle.

Log Ride dreams meaning

Log Ride To dream of a log ride represents a negative or uncertain situation that you are enjoying yourself with while knowing that you don’t have to care about any consequences. An unpredictable obstacle that you choose to subject yourself to just to see what happens. Example: A young man dreamed of being on a… Read More »

Loincloth dreams meaning

Loincloth To dream of a lion cloth represents the personality that is focused on never giving in. Sacrificing nothing at all to people or situations that are trying to fail you. It may reflect your fearlessness or stubborn resistance to a difficult problem. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a loincloth. In… Read More »

London dreams meaning

London To dream of London represents social interaction where being an experienced winner is important. Social interaction with others that revolves around feeling total certainty or confidence at all times. Social interaction where feeling or projecting yourself an accomplished winner is important. Social situations where everyone already knows what it takes to be a winner.… Read More »

Lollipop dreams meaning

Lollipop To dream of a lollipop represents enjoying thinking it’s easy to feel special all the time. Feeling good that other people are treating you special all the time. A sense of security in feeling good getting special treatment. Enjoying being popular. Enjoying feeling special with people of the opposite sex liking you. Negatively, dreaming… Read More »

Lonely dreams meaning

Lonely To dream of being lonely represents your dislike of being rejected or misunderstood. It may also reflect a longing to do something new. Depressions, regrets, feeling sad in waking life. Alternatively, the dream may mirror waking life feelings of loneliness and be a sign that you need to open up more or try new… Read More »

Longing dreams meaning

Longing To dream of longing for someone or something represents feelings of personal deprivation. Difficulty having time away from your interests or life situations you have become accustomed to. Experiencing a deviation from your usual patterns. A dream of longing may also mirror waking life feelings of being separated from your partner. Negatively, longing in… Read More »

Looking dreams meaning

Looking To dream of looking at a place or person represents your focus or careful thoughts about an area of your life. To dream of someone looking at you represents feelings of being important or get more attention than usual. Feelings about being more interesting than other people. Being the focus of someone else’s attention… Read More »

Looting dreams meaning

Looting To dream of looting (theft) represents feelings about having no fear about being witnessed being dishonest. Dishonesty that is out in the open and obvious with nothing to stop it. Feeling that you deserve to be dishonest and get away with it. Feeling that you deserve to get away with dishonest behavior because your… Read More »

Los Angeles dreams meaning

Los Angeles To dream of Los Angeles represents social interaction with others revolving around not wanting to look like a loser first. Social activity where looking like a winner is most important. Negatively,  may represent social interaction where you feel people are not doing anyone else a favor if you don’t have to. Only respecting… Read More »

Lost dreams meaning

Lost To dream of being lost represents your attempt to find your way through a situation that’s unfamiliar or making you insecure. You may be experiencing a strange or scary situation that is unsettling because it’s new. An overwhelming feeling of confusion or uncertainty in waking life. Not knowing what to do next or where… Read More »